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Frequently asked questions
Q : What is the WebSelf reseller program?
A : The WebSelf reseller program allows you to promote WebSelf and to gain comissions on the sales you make with your website.

Q : How do I register?
A : All you have to do is complete the online registration form and fit into the membership criterias. Our team will evalute your registration request and answer you by email, giving you access to the scripts and your statistics.

Q. I sold a plan, when will I receive my money?
A : You will receive the commission for this sale the next month, on the first of each month. All of your past and future payments are listed in your profile.

Q. What is the minimum amount of commission I need to meet before I receive a payment ?
A : You must have a commission amount of 150$ or 150 € before we transfer you your comissions.

Q. Do I still receive comission on the following purchases of the same client?
A : No. You will get the commission at the time your client registers. All sales are recorded on a full year period, even if it's a monthly-rate sale. This way, even if a client chooses to register for a monthly-rate for the essential plan (14,95$/month), you will get a percentage calculated on the yearly rate (179$/year).

Q. Do I need a website to be a reseller?
A : Yes. Since it's an online reselling program, you will need to have your own website. It can be a WebSelf website.

Q. How do you calculate the commissions ?
A : Commissions are calculated as a percentage of the price, tax-free, of the product. The percentage is 30%.

Q. How many products can I advertise ?
A : As many as you'd like, there is no limit. The more ocassion to advertise you have, the more sales your going to have, it's mathematic!

Q. How much can I make?
A : More sales you generate, the more you earn. Fortunately there is no limit to that!

Visit the Remuneration page for some example of what you ca earn.

Q. How can I advertise the product ?
A : You can promote WebSelf through the scripts provided in your reseller account. These scripts are either a link, a button or a registration form to be inserted directly into your site. If your site is visited, you will have more chance to sell. You can also promote your site with advertising. We also invite you to read articles on the Internet that show you how to advertise.

All forms of advertising is acceptable so long as it is not illegal and respects the users (Please note: we are uncompromising with spam!).
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